Faux Product Care

Thank you for visiting and shopping the Faux Selection from the Flower Studio by Blondies Treehouse Inc. We pride ourselves on providing high quality designer faux arrangements and materials.

Faux botanicals add all the beauty and drama of fresh plant materials yet require little to no maintenance.

They are fantastic for any space calling for a pop of refreshing color and appeal. They have become increasingly popular in the design world because they bring style and serenity to a space without the hassles of their live counterparts.

Regular dusting and cleaning is recommended to extend the life and maintain a fresh appearance. The best way to keep faux plants looking like new is to dust them on regularly basis with a feather duster or soft cloth. Dust them once a week, starting at the top of each plant and working your way down. Gently brush each part of the leaf, petal, and stem until they’re clean. If you don’t dust the plants on a consistent basis dust becomes harder to remove. A canister of pressurized air can help you clean the difficult nooks and corners of delicate foliage.

For arrangements in glass vaseware, glass may become cloudy due to dust or humidity changes. Clean the flowers and/or foliage using a duster or a soft cloth, as described above. Carefully reach into the vase and clean with glass cleaner and a soft cloth. Or, add a small amount of tepid soapy water into the vase, then rinse with cool water until no soapy residue is visible. Immediately pour out all of the water and do not allow the water to sit on the acrylic surface as it can lessen its integrity, and then allow arrangement to air dry.

Plant containers can be easily cleaned with a cloth. You can also vacuum the hose extension of a vacuum cleaner. Planters are available in a variety of different materials; delicate containers should be gently dusted to remove any dust or debris.

Please exercise caution when caring for your faux products. Protect yourself from dust irritation by using eye protection and cleaning in a well ventilated area. Vaseware and containers are fragile, please handle with care. Blondie’s is not responsible for any injuries occurred during the handling and cleaning process.